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For sales and partnership inquiries as well as product launches please get in contact with us. We would be happy to hear from you.
The company Erich Pfitzer Medizintechnik was founded in May 1988 as a corporation of the civil law. From the beginning we specialized in the sale and distribution of  products of medical technique. Over the past few years we have developped  more and more into the specialized  distributor  covering a wide range in the medical  market with the mutually complementing  products of our  partners. The product spectrum ranges from instruments for microsurgery, implants for small joints over plate-screw systems for hand and footsurgery to patientspecific custom-made solutions.  In this connection the holistic care and advice to our customers come to the fore. In our regional distributing area we work for  various partners, like the Argomedical GmbH  from Braunschweig. We are also responsible for S & T from Neuhausen in Switzerland as sole agency in the all-German. Due to our specialization and flexibility  we have a firm position  with our partners in industry and in the clinical field and  experience increaseing success. We would appreciate answering any questions you raise - please call us or send us an e-mail. Erich Pfitzer
Germany does not only mean Munich and Oktoberfest, beer or Heidelberg. This country also offers a widespread market with a promising future for innovative, medical technology- related products. If you and your company would like to successfully establish your products in this market, our entire know-how and "Made in Germany" will be at your disposal.